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You wouldn't go shopping for a house before you know how much you can borrow. So why would you shop for a car before knowing what you can afford? At Langley Auto Loans, we reverse the auto loan process by helping you shop with confidence.

You wouldn't try to put an offer on a house without an agent. So why would you shop alone at a dealership where a salesperson will pressure you to buy a car? At Langley Auto Loans, we put control back in the hands of our clients by being their advocate.

With no pressure and no judgment, our three-step car buying process couldn't be easier.

Step 1: Complete an Application

Unlike the typical car buying process, where dealerships push you to purchase expensive vehicles before you know what you can afford, Langley Auto Loans begins by determining what you can afford. Our short application can be completed from the comfort of your home before even talking to our friendly team members. The information from the application allows our team to complete the next step: loan approval.

Step 2: Receive Approval

Our team works to find you the very best interest rate based on information from your application. We work with all types of credit - our priority is finding you the best rate. Once we lock in your interest rate, we finalize the monthly payment you can afford and what cars, trucks, and SUVs are within your budget.

Step 3: Buy Your Car

Whether you know which car or truck you want or not, Langley Auto Loans can help. We work with dealerships across British Columbia to help you find specific vehicles that meet your unique wants and needs. Once you decide on the one you want, we work with you to make the purchase hassle-free.

Langley Auto Loans can:

  • Help you figure out what you can afford
  • Provide insurance options
  • Figure out the value of your trade-in
  • Determine what proof of insurance you need
  • Determine debt servicing and your comfort with payments
  • Give you the best interest possible
  • Help you determine what vehicle works best for you

With a dealership, you have to do all this work yourself, but Langley Auto Loans works with you to complete it in 3 easy steps. There's no reason to spend all day waiting for loan approval at the dealership - Langley Auto Loans streamlines the car-buying process and ensures you get the best deal.

Langley Auto Loans is an authorized representative of:

  • Ally Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Credit Union Lending Solutions
  • General Bank of Canada
  • Rifco
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Canada Trust
  • WD Leasing Ltd.
  • Tricor Automotive Group Inc.